Aya:   endurance, resourcefulness

Aya: endurance, resourcefulness

The mission of the National Ghana Parade Council is to promote Ghanaian culture and heritage, celebrate Ghanaian and Ghanaian-American achievements, and to empower and strengthen the Ghanaian community. Our goals could not be realized without the commitment and collaborative effort of our team members as they serve on our committees.

The Team

Executive Board

Catherine Cudjoe, President, ccudjoe@ghanaparadecouncil.org
Samantha Udondem, Vice President - Operations, sudondem@ghanaparadecouncil.org

Advisory Board

Samuel Aboah, Founder
Monica Tetteh
Stephanie A. Arthur
Mohammed Mardah
Jerry Kwabena Kinsas
Ramatu Mohammed
Ben Gagakuma

Planning Committee (2019 Ghana Fest-NY)

Planning for the 2019 Ghana Fest-NY is being supported by the Ghana Missions New York in affiliation with the Ghana Chamber of Commerce USA, Inc., Ghanaian Ministers Fellowship International, Ghanaian Associations, and the City Parks Foundation.


DJ Onasis
DJ Jeff
DJ Hollywood
Email: entertainment@ghanaparadecouncil.org

Volunteer Committee

Linda Lino, Volunteer Manager,  volunteer@ghanaparadecouncil.org
Samuel Gyamfi, Volunteer Coordinator
Vincent Asante, Volunteer Coordinator

Community Engagement

Robert Jackson

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