Aya:   endurance, resourcefulness

Aya: endurance, resourcefulness

The mission of the National Ghana Parade Council is to promote Ghanaian culture and heritage, celebrate Ghanaian and Ghanaian-American achievements, and to empower and strengthen the Ghanaian community. Our goals could not be realized without the commitment and collaborative effort of our team members as they serve on our committees.

The Team

Executive Board

Catherine Cudjoe, President, ccudjoe@ghanaparadecouncil.org
Samantha Udondem, Marketing, & Sponsorship, sudondem@ghanaparadecouncil.org; sponsor@ghanaparadecouncil.org
Stephanie A. Arthur, Public Affairs & Logistics, sarthur@ghanaparadecouncil.org

Advisory Board

Samuel Aboah, Founder
Monica Tetteh
Mohammed Mardah
Jerry Kwabena Kinsas
Ramatu Mohammed
Ben Gagakuma

Planning Committee (2018 Ghana Fest-NY)

Planning for the 2018 Ghana Fest-NY is being supported by the Ghana Missions New York in affiliation with the Ghana Chamber of Commerce USA, Inc., Ghanaian Ministers Fellowship International, and Star100 New York. The Planning Committee is chaired by Dr. Kofi Boateng of the Ghana Chamber of Commerce USA, Inc.


DJ Onasis
DJ Jeff
DJ Hollywood
Email: entertainment@ghanaparadecouncil.org

Volunteer Committee

Linda Lino, Volunteer Manager,  volunteer@ghanaparadecouncil.org
Samuel Gyamfi, Volunteer Coordinator
Vincent Asante, Volunteer Coordinator

Community Engagement

Robert Jackson


Individuals, businesses, and organizations interested in contributing to any of the functional areas listed below are encouraged to reach out to the NGPC Committee by email for further information. 

Gye Nayme:   except for God

Gye Nayme: except for God

Cultural Committee

The cultural committee serves as an integral part of the National Ghana Parade Council. Without an understanding of our rich and dynamic history, traditions and culture, we cannot truly plan events indicative of our various backgrounds.  The committee’s main purpose is to research all facets of Ghanaian culture and effectively insure that all members of the NGPC understand and incorporate the various components of our culture in every aspect of planning the parade. If you are interested in having a member from the Culture Committee attend one of your meeting or participate in the parade as an organization/group please send your request to our general email , culture@ghanaparadecouncil.org.


Hwe mu dua:   examination, quality control

Hwe mu dua: examination, quality control

Logistics Committee

The role of this committee is to oversee logistics related to solidifying permits and reviewing regulations as they relate to the planningof our events. Committee members serve as liaisons between the community and the National Ghana Parade Council fostering relationships and providing information to various community boards and organizations. For more information, email logistics@ghanaparadecouncil.org.

Nkuimu:   skillfulness,precision

Nkuimu: skillfulness,precision

Marketing Committee

This committee develops marketing strategies, analyzes data, conducts surveys, creates marketing literature to include but not limited to the  National Ghana Parade Council website and promotional materials, identifies sponsors, maintains databases, builds relationships with media in promoting our events, secures advertising and anything related to the overall vision of the committee. In addition, as a joint venture the committee oversees the promotional aspect of the NGPC by working to secure volunteers, street teams,  area affiliations in New York,  New Jersey, Philadelphia, Connecticut Maryland, Virginia, the District of Columbia and other states with a large concentration of Ghanaians. This committee works closely with the Activities, Events and Entertainment, Finance, Cultural and Community Affairs Committees. For more information, email marketing@ghanaparadecouncil.org.

Ananse:   spider's web, wisdom, creativity

Ananse: spider's web, wisdom, creativity

Entertainment Committee

The Activities, Events and Entertainment committee serves to create an array of culturally entertaining events catering to our target audience. The committee coordinates all the entertainment and events with various entertainment groups. This committee works closely with the Parade Logistics, Cultural, Marketing, and Promotions Committee. If you are a Performer, Personality, Dancer, Singer, Designer, Actor, Musician, Artist, Comedian, or Dignitary, we welcome your participation in Ghana Parade . For more information, email entertainment@ghanaparadecouncil.org.