Boa Me Na Me Mmoawo:   interdependence

Boa Me Na Me Mmoawo: interdependence


The National Ghana Parade Council seeks to develop and maintain alliances with other Community Based Organizations (CBOs), for-profit organizations, and African communities across the New York metropolitan area and beyond who share in our mission to promote Ghanaian culture and heritage, celebrate Ghanaian and Ghanaian-American achievements, and to empower and strengthen the Ghanaian community.

We welcome the support from other organizations and individuals who would like to assist us through financial support or support in our operations. 



We welcome the support and contributions of sponsors, vendors, and community volunteers who are interested in supporting the 2019 Ghana Fest-NY. In return, businesses, supporting organizations, and volunteers will mutually benefit through their partnership through the expansion of their network and reach. 

Ghana Fest-NY is being made possible by the collaborative support of the Ghana Mission New York, the Ghana National Parade & Festival Committee, the Ghanaian Chamber of Commerce USA, Inc., Ghanaian Ministers Fellowship International, and Ghanaian Associations.

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